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A Unique business opportunity:

HouseZero construction partner

HouseZero is a modular building system for prefabricated premium houses. The system incorporates a range of technologies offering customers a fully integrated off-grid package. The entire system is factory manufactured and requires trained construction crews on site to assemble, finish and hand over to new owner.

The company is offering interested entrepreneurs the opportunity of becoming HouseZero approved contractor. A training package is made available in order for interested parties to qualify for the task.


Scope of work by HouseZero building crew:

--Site preparation

--Receive and secure house kit on site
--Project-manage all aspects of construction.
--Complete erection process
--Hand over to owner
--Carry out maintenance routines within maintenance contract

Successful applicants will receive on the job training as well as classroom session. The training will cover all aspects relating to the construction process of HouseZero units as well as introduction to the working and assembly of related mechanical systems such as Solar PV, Solar thermal, Water recycling, etc.


HouseZero Approved Contractors will be able to generate income through two different deal structures:

  1. Contract building work for projects sold by a third party.

  2. Buy a discounted kit from HouseZero and contract directly with the buyer / end user.


Each one of the above deals involves different level of input and offers different level of profit.

Additional support by the company:

--All marketing & technical material necessary to deal with customers.
--All marketing & technical material necessary to deal with bank.
--All marketing & technical material necessary to deal with Local authority.
--Council building plans submission.
--Dynamic website.
--Social media promotions.
--Continuous product design and improvement.



--A once-off commitment fee of R275,000* to cover training period and supervision period costs.
--Filled application form
--Four weeks full time training based at company premises in Pretoria
--Proven financial and managerial ability to set up, train and maintain own construction crews and manage construction sites effectively.

For all applications please fill in the form below.

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