HouseZero is a modular building system for premium off-grid homes. The system answers the following criteria in all its products:

•    Modern design, attractive appearance & high end finishes.

•    All components factory manufactured, building site work limited to speedy erection.

•    All components in line with latest energy efficiency technologies and standards.

•   100% energy grid independence, roof is an active power station, generating all the energy required for electricity and heating needs.   

•   Net Zero Environmental Footprint

Water independent, with all waste water being recycled using most advanced water recycling and purification systems, connection to municipal water supply and sewage systems may only be required in low rainfall regions.

Modular construction yet contemporary in style, incorporating large open spaces, wide open facades, smart combination of wood and glass surfaces, latest style bathrooms and kitchens, carried by custom engineered steel structure and hi tech floor, wall and roof paneling. Ideal choice for a new-age homeowner aspiring to live in a trend setting environment, off the grid.

Sustainability, focus on minimization of environmental impact, both at building stage and through life cycle. Modular building methods, off-grid electricity, Zero consumption - Zero emissions

Latest in technology and comfort, climate control system, energy management system, lighting and shading system, top end security system, off grid power, all modular and integrated into original structure – all components work in-sync. 

Grid independent, HouseZero’s roofing system is not only a roof, it is a solar power station, total off grid power system, supplying all energy requirements without any need for grid connection.