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HouseZero is an innovative building system for premium off-grid modular homes. The core guidelines and design principles of our modular houses always emphasise sleek and modern design, high end finishes, net zero impact on the environment, integral fit of all components and modularity.

Modular construction yet contemporary in style, HouseZero's modular houses incorporate large open spaces, wide open facades, smart combination of wood and glass surfaces, latest style bathrooms and kitchens, all carried by custom engineered steel structure and hi tech floor, wall and roof paneling. We introduce South Africa to net zero in style.

HouseZero pioneered a new category in modular buildings. Not just another modular building system, HouseZero is a complete solution, integrating the latest in style, green tech, interior design, smart house tech, solar energy, waste recycling and more.

Modular homes with latest in technology and comfort  our modular houses offer climate control system, energy management system, lighting and shading system, top end security system, off grid power, all modular and integrated into original structure – all components work in-sync. 

Grid independent, HouseZero’s modular roof system is not only a roof, it is a solar power station. Our modular buildings are fully equipped for supporting nations' net zero carbon emission goals. Sustainability starts with a modular homes that generates and stores its own power, no need for a power grid and the environmental burden associated with it.

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